Vivian Pham

In 2001, Vivian Pham made her first cake. Little did she know that a small hobby would transform into a fun and meaningful career. What started as a simple birthday cake for a friend inspired her to learn the intricate art of cake decorating. A scholarship to the Professional Culinary Institute in 2009 kick started her journey into the professional world of cakes.

In 2011, Vivian placed 6th at the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show. The following year in 2012, she was titled Grand National Champion. Since the 2012 OSSAS, she was also featured in Cake Central, American Cake Magazine, Modern Cakes, Robb Report, and was listed in Dessert Professionals as one of the top 10 cake artists of 2013, and Cake Master’s Top 10 Cake Artists of 2018.

In 2016, Vivian took a leap and competed in her first television show called, Skin Wars: Fresh Paint. The following year in 2017, she also competed on Food Networks: Halloween Wars. 

Since then, Vivian has expanded her talents into the world of food art. She challenges herself by working with new mediums including butter sculpting, vegetable carving, jelly bean art, and food and fashion. 

Known for her intricacy and attention to detail, Vivian continues to explore new materials and mediums with which to combine creativity and innovation. Vivian seeks to go above and beyond the boundaries of food and share her passion of art with others.